Collection: M8

Lightvalve M8 projector, a cutting-edge device designed to elevate your viewing experience to new heights. With a true brightness of 430 ANSI lumens, a projection distance range of 1-5.2 meters, and optimal projection sizes between 80-100 inches, the M8 ensures clear and vibrant images in any setting. Utilizing LED light source technology with a remarkable lifespan of 130,000 hours, this projector delivers native 1080p resolution and supports 4K content seamlessly. Equipped with automatic focus and keystone correction, dual wireless and wired connectivity options, Bluetooth 5.0, built-in Android system for streaming services like Netflix, and the option for custom logo integration, the M8 offers unparalleled versatility and customization. Whether for home entertainment, business presentations, or educational purposes, the M8 projector is your ultimate visual companion.