Full HD WiFi Bluetooth 4K Projector Native 1080P Home Cinema Projector



  • Exclusive lens mold


precision up to 0.01mm, composed of multiple high-refractive-index glass lenses. The edge and center of the image are 100% sharply focused, which prevents the eye from compensating focus.


  • Built-in Dust Filter


There is a replaceable dust filter on the side of the Full HD video projector, which can be removed and cleaned regularly to effectively prevent outside dust from entering the inside of the projector.

If dust enters the interior of the outdoor projector, it will form black spots on the projection screen and affect the viewing experience.

How to focus?

(1)The tv projector is horizontally aligned to project a rectangular image.

(2)The spiral on the side of the home projector lens is rotated to focus.

Amazing image quality in dark environments, not suitable for daylight!


Lightvalve Projector:

1. True Physical Resolution : Native 1920*1080P

Native 1920*1080P is 400% more detailed than native 720P and support 4K signal input.

2. Ultra-high Color gamut : 130% NTSC

In a dark environment, the image presented is rich in color.

Don't get confused with "native" and "supports" resolution, what's the difference?


  • What is native resolution?


It is the actual and true physical resolution of the Ultra HD video movie projector.


  • What is the resolution supports?


Refers to the input signal.


1. Install on the ceiling

There are 4 screw holes on the bottom of the Ultra HD home cinema projector.

2. Zoom (50%-100%)

3. Low noise


1. 4-Point & 4D ±45°electronic keystone correction

4Point keystone correction : the four angles of the screen can be adjusted individually.

4D keystone correction : adjust the vertical or horizontal direction.

2. Adjustable Brightness and Contrast of USB/HDMI

When connected via HDMI and USB, brightness and contrast can be adjusted.

When the projector is playing video, you can directly click the menu button on the remote control (the menu button is a button with 3 horizontal lines), and then enter the settings, select multiple modes, and adjust the brightness, contrast ratio, and color saturation. It can not adjust the color temperature and RGB.


1. Multi-interface (2*USB, 2*HDMI, 3.5mm audio port)

2. WiFi

3. Bluetooth

Bluetooth can connect to audio devices with Bluetooth function (for example: Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headsets), but can not connect to smartphones and computers.

4. Built-in dual stereo speakers (10W)

Mirror Synchronization for iOS and Android----( Android phones do not need to be connected to WiFi or Wired cable! )

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