LightValve Projector-Full HD Native 1080P Support 4K WiFi Projector


What is the difference from other native 1080P projectors?

The LightValve  WiFi projector uses the latest sealed optical machine technology from Japan. Those Old ordinary optical machines are outdated. The LightValue WiFi projector lead the new wave of projectors, Redefines the standard of 2021 home projectors.

The latest sealed optical machine:

Sealed Dustproof HD Portable Projector. Unique sealing element design prevents dust in the air from entering the machine. The sealed projector will not produce black spots on the projection screen, which will affect the viewing experience.

Old ordinary optical machine:

There is a lot of dust in the air, and the non-sealed optical machine tends to attract more dust due to static electricity, causing black spots on the screen.


1. This projector is suitable for playing in a dark environment, not suitable for use in daylight and strong light, and is not recommended for office scenes.

2. Please turn the gear on the projector lens to adjust the focus of the projector to achieve a clear picture.

Professional Image Qualit

original resolution: 1920 * 1080

The highest supported resolution: 4K Ultra HD

Contrast ratio: 10000:1

Color gamut: 98% NTSC

Super high resolution. You can get more detailed images, the images are clearer, more vivid, and more eye-friendly.

Super high contrast. Make the gradient from white to black more layered. White can reach pure white, similar products can only reach deep yellow. Black can reach pure black, similar products can only reach gray. Because black and white are more accurate, the visual effect is clearer.

Ultra-high color gamut. Can accurately represent 20 million colors. The colors are more saturated, more realistic and have a three-dimensional effect. Similar product colors have fewer available colors, low saturation, light colors and color distortion.

Bring HIMAX Theater to Home


LightValve's latest sealed projector is better than other latest sealed projectors.

Compared with the advantages of other sealed projectors:

1. The appearance design is new and modern.

2. Small, lightweight, convenient to carry and use when traveling outdoors. This projector weighs only 1.45 kg, which is very light and portable.

3.WiFi and wireless synchronization function. Android phones don't need to be connected to WiFi. Turn on the wireless projection function of the Android phones and turn on "Miracast" of the projector to sync with the Android phones. The IOS mobile phone activates "Screen Mirroring" and connects to the projector via the same WLAN to achieve the same screen display.

LightValve Projector-Applicable to a variety of scenarios


Don't get confused with "native" and "supports" resolution, what's the difference?

What is native resolution?

Every projector that uses microscreens, be it LCD panels, DLP chips, or LCOS, has a fixed matrix of pixels on those microscreens. That fixed matrix of pixels is known as the projector's native resolution. It is the actual and true physical resolution of the projector. The LightValve projector features a true resolution of 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels (hence 1080p), for a total of 2,073,600 pixels. Provides clarity and more detail in the image.

What is the resolution supports?

Refers to the input signal. Each projector is programmed to recognize inputs in a variety of formats and sizes, and the maximum resolution is the highest resolution value that the device can process and then display. But the native resolution that determines the overall clarity and sharpness.

Multimedia & Multiple Device Compatibility

The Mini Projector supports several devices via HDMI/ USB/ 3.5mm earphone. Equipped with an HDMI port, devices such as TV Stick/Box, gaming consoles, DVD players

Wireless projection function for Android devices, no need to connect to WiFi


IOS device connect to WiFi

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