LightValve-Full HD native 1080P support 4K projector

LightValve Projector-Professional image quality

Original resolution: 1920 * 1080

Highest resolution: 4K Ultra HD

Contrast ratio: 10000:1

Color gamut: 98% NTSC

Super high resolution. You can get more detailed images, the images are clearer, more vivid, and more eye-friendly.

Super high contrast. Make the gradient from white to black more layered. Because black and white are more accurate, the visual effect is clearer.

Ultra-high color gamut. It can accurately represent 20 million colors, the colors are more saturated, more lifelike and have a three-dimensional effect.

The advantages of LightValve-Clear Pictures & Eyes-Friendly


Image presentation contrast

This projector presents better in dark environments, and the colors are more vivid. This projector is not suitable for playing PPT in a commercial office.

The latest color upgrade technology

The color contrast of 10000:1 and the color gamut of 98% (NTSC) can better restore the color of the picture, the imaging is true and vivid, and it will bring an unprecedented visual feast to customers.

6-layer filter lens with sharp focus

Using a unique optical system, Japanese enterprise optical lens, 6-layer filter lens, clear focus and clear imaging.

300-inch large screen

The large screen can relax your eyes effectively, and it is less harmful to people's eyesight than TV and watching videos through smart phones.

Enjoy home theater with family and friends! Living room, bedroom, terrace, garden...make life better~

Don't get confused with "native" and "supports" resolution, what's the difference?

What is native resolution?

Every projector that uses micro screens, be its LCD panels, DLP chips, or LCOS, has a fixed matrix of pixels on those micro screens. That fixed matrix of pixels is known as the projector's native resolution. It is the actual and true physical resolution of the projector. The LightValve projector features a true resolution of 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels (hence 1080p), for a total of 2,073,600 pixels. Provides clarity and more detail in the image.

What is the resolution support?

Refers to the input signal. Each projector is programmed to recognize inputs in a variety of formats and sizes, and the maximum resolution is the highest resolution value that the device can process and then display. But the native resolution determines the overall clarity and sharpness.

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