Collection: G1

Introducing the Lightvalve G1 Projector, a beacon of visual excellence in home entertainment. With its impressive 7000 lumens brightness, the G1 envelops your space in vibrant images that are as bright as your imagination. The brilliance of its display makes every viewing a spectacle, turning your home into a hub of visual storytelling.The G1 doesn't just project images; it crafts them with precision. The 1080P resolution ensures that every detail is captured with clarity, making you feel part of the scene. And with 4K support, step into the future of entertainment with ultra-high-definition content that leaps off the screen.Smart technology is at the core of the G1 with its automatic keystone correction. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to perfect alignment at the touch of a button. This feature, combined with a stunning 10000:1 contrast ratio, creates a picture so lifelike, you'll forget you're at home.